Schraubenkompressor APS 50 2IVR X 10 bar 50 PS/37 kW 1890-5900 l/min

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Artikelnummer 369450-2IVR
EAN 08712418372397
Gewicht (kg) 690,00
Maße (L x W x H, cm) 145 x 105 x 151.8
Arbeitszyklus (Arbeitszeit/Ruhezeit %) 100/0
Motorleistung (ps/kW) 50 PS / 37.0 kW
Antrieb Direkt angetrieben 1:1
Druckluftbehälter Nein
Minimale effektive Leistung (L/Min) 1890
Abgabeleistung l/min 5900
Minimale effektive Leistung (m3/H) 113.4
Abgabeleistung (m3/h) 354
Lautstärke dB(A) (0 m) 68
Einschaltdruck (bar) 10
Kühlung Luft
Kühlluftvolumen (m3/h) 6800
Luftanschluss 1 1/2"
Minimale Umgebungstemperatur (°C) 0
Maximale Umgebungstemperatur (°C) 45
Ölfrei Nein
Ölkapazität (l) 23
Anzahl der Stufen 2
Start Inverter
Stromspannung (Volt) 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Ph YΔ
Nachkühler Nein
Frequenzregelung (IVR) Ja
Minimale Drehzahl 10 bar (rpm/Hz) 1000
Minimaler Energieverbrauch 10 bar (kW/m3/h) 7,2
Maximaler Energieverbrauch 10 bar (kW/m3/h) 10

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Beschreibung von schraubenkompressor APS 50 2IVR X 10 bar 50 PS/37 kW 1890-5900 l/min

A compressor with great qualities and characteristics. This machine is equipped with two-stage screw blocks that are directly linked to permanent magnet motors. The efficiency is improved by the ratio of 3: 1 between the 1st and 2nd stage and the reduction of the internal return leakage. This saving can be up to 15% compared to a single-stage screw block with the same air flow. This 37 kW compressor delivers a maximum of 6900 liters per minute. The higher purchase price is earned back within a few years by the proceeds. Thanks to the extensive adjustment options in the full color touchscreen, the maximum efficiency of the compressor can be achieved and the energy costs saved to the maximum. The temperature-controlled fan also uses no energy if it is not needed. The machine is very easily accessible due to the service panels placed around it. The machine has been carefully designed so that fewer parts are maintenance-sensitive. The service interval of 3,000 hours ensures lower maintenance costs. This machine is very suitable for large companies that have very varying air consumption, for example blasting or who want to get the most out of energy costs.

X series Screw compressors

By continuously investing in the development of our products, the Airpress Group presents a new series of screw compressors. The screw compressors are available from 5.5 kW to 37 kW. The APS X series is available in two versions: controlled at a fixed speed or speed. Machines of 15 kW are also available with a two-stage screw block. These versions have an increased performance with the same power consumption as a single-stage version. Depending on demand, these machines are available as a separate unit, mounted on a tank or mounted on a tank and equipped with a compressed air dryer. Compressors of the X series are characterized by a new generation of screw blocks. The direct drive avoids losses due to the transmission. Reliable and efficient, easy-to-use screw compressors ensure trouble-free operation at minimal costs. Equipped with a modern control panel, you can constantly monitor the screw compressor and change parameters if necessary.


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